Rules and Regulations


As and Owner, Tenant, or Guest at Sawgrass Plantation of Killearn, you are privileged to be living at what we believe to be Tallahassee’s finest townhouse development. The purpose of these rules and regulations is to ensure that the development lives up to that potential. They are based on the golden rule, courtesy and respect for one’s neighbor, and simple common sense. It is our hope that the occasions for enforcement of these rules and imposition of sanctions for their violations will be few.

These Rules and Regulations are binding upon each present and future homeowner/Association member, their guests and tenants under the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions”, the “Articles of Incorporation of the Sawgrass Plantation of Killearn Homeowners’ Association, Inc.”, and “Bylaws of the Sawgrass Plantation of Killearn Homeowners’ Association, Inc.”, copies of which are available to any Association member upon payment of a reasonable photocopy charge to KRM Management, Inc., the Association Manger.

It is the responsibility of each homeowner to ensure that his tenants and guests abide by these Rules and Regulations. Sanctions for violations of these Rules and Regulations by any guest or tenant may be imposed upon the owner (sometimes referred to as the “responsible owner”). Each owner, guest and tenant is charged with constructive notice of the Rules and Regulations. It is suggested that these Rules and Regulations be appended to and made a part of any lease between an owner and his or her tenants and that violations of these Rules and Regulations be deemed a material breach of the lease.

We hope these simple rules will help make your stay at Sawgrass Plantation of Killearn and enjoyable one.